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Make and Model of Dee's Car that Mac and Charlie Blew Up?
What was Charlie's first treasure he found at the Junk Yard?
What artist/cd does Dennis and Dee bring to spin class?
What is Charlie's New Invented Infomercial Product?
Why does Frank go to the Fountain?
What is Sweet Dee's Aspiring Dream?
Dee develops _________ symdrome when the Gang is held hostage.
What is Rickety Crickets Real Name in the Show?
Dee and Charlie Think They're Addicted to eating _________?
Where did Dennis and Dee attend college?
Why does Dee go to the fountain?
What Drink Do the McPoyle Twins Order at Paddy's?
What is the title of Dennis' Memoirs?
Artemis interviewed to be a _________ Girl at Paddy's.
What is Dee's Diary YouTube Username?
Mac's Dad bought plane tickets to take Charlie and Mac to _________.
Mac and Dennis think Dee's Bones are made out of _________.
Why did Mac attempt to bang and video tape the waitress?
Dennis and Dee's Grandfather, Pop Pop, was a _________?
What instrument does Charlie play in their band 'Electric Dream Machine'?
What type of Marijuana does Dennis share with the hippies?
Why does Charlie go to the fountain?
Sweet Dee wore a _________ throughout high school.
What are the three key ingredients that helps Charlie sleep?
What is Charlie's Favorite Food?
Who is the only one who Didn't Have a Date to Prom?
Why does Dennis go to the fountain?

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