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ClueWho is or What isCategory
The seal of this historic New England city has the phrase 'What a glorious morning for America' & the date 'April 19'U.S. CITIES
The word coined for these substances in 1912 was meant to suggest they were essential to life & contained nitrogenNUTRITION
His mother, Charlotte Champe Stearns, was a poet & social workerLITERARY RELATIVES
White Sands National Monument is actually an expanse of dunes of this mineral'G', I LOVE SCIENCE (The correct response will begin with that letter.)
He was born in 1728 in Yorkshire, England & died in a skirmish February 14, 1779 in Kealakekua Bay, HawaiiBORN & DIED
Based on a 1926 play & real-life events, it's now the longest-running American musical in Broadway historyBROADWAY MUSICALS
She wed a doomed physician suffering from alcoholism, perhaps contributing to her violent hatred of boozeIN 1867...
The team known as these since 1895 plays its home games on top of the Hayward Seismic FaultCOLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM NICKNAMES
When she took the throne of Egypt, Cleopatra claimed to be the living embodiment of this Egyptian goddessCLEOPATRA
A standard of measurement, especially one 3 feet long9-LETTER WORDS
The Sakonnet, Seekonk & Providence Rivers are saltwater arms of this bayU.S. GEOGRAPHY
Mayan ruins have revealed workplaces for crafting with this shiny rock formed by the rapid cooling of lavaTHE MAYA
The rooster atop many church weather vanes is there to remind us of a story involving this apostleRELIGIOUS SYMBOLS
On March 1, 1803 it became the 17th state & the first created from the Northwest Territory19TH CENTURY AMERICA
French preposition between coq & vinELEMENTAL SYMBOLS (The answer will be Element example The abbreviation for company is Co so the answer would be cobalt
Seen before rugby games, a haka is one of these & is performed 'so that the whole body should speak'WITH MAORI
In the 1890s this era of economic, political & social reform in the U.S. began moving forward, as it name saysTHE ERA OF ERAS
In the early 1600s 3 pretenders to Russia's throne claimed to be Dmitry Ivanovich, son of this manTHE GREAT PRETENDERS
This pigment comes in different letter types; the C version is found in algaeSCIENCE 'C' STUFF
On Feb. 11, 1805 Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was born to this Shoshone woman at Fort Mandan, North DakotaNATIVE AMERICANS
Chapters in a biography on this author include 'Declaring His Genius' and 'A Late Victorian Love Affair'BIOGRAPHIES ABOUT AUTHORS
This German composer married Franz Liszt's daughter Cosima, 24 years his juniorCOMPOSERS
From 1945 to 1953 he was imprisoned in labor camps for writing a letter critical of StalinRUSSIAN NOVELISTS
From the spring of 1508 until October 1512, he painted on a scaffold with his 'beard turned up to heaven'ITALIAN ART
Incendiary or provocative; arousing angerIN THE 'MM'IDDLE (There will be two M's in exactly the middle of the correct response.)
The title of the 16th Bond film, it's also what's denoted by the '00' prefix50 YEARS OF JAMES BOND FILMS
It says, 'Salute Andronicus' & 'Salute Asyncritus'NAME THAT BIBLE BOOK
The Copernicus Science Centre & The John Paul II Museum CollectionWORLD CAPITAL ATTRACTIONS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
For a constitutional amendment to take effect, this fraction of the states must ratify itCIVICS
During foreign tours, the Mariinsky Ballet Company is known by this nameDANCE COMPANIES
With U.S. help in 1983, Sir Paul Scoon returned to power in this island nationTHE 1980s, QUICK!
First publicly performed in 1745, this song sometimes has its pronouns changeNATIONAL SONGS
An 18-minute brawl was caught on film during this 1968 meeting in ChicagoWE'VE GOT TO STOP MEETING LIKE THIS
The decline of the Hanseatic League was in part due to this devastating war that lasted from 1618 to 1648A HANSEATIC LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN
Scott got this title from 'Ode to a Nightingale', where it precedes 'and haply the Queen-Moon is on her throne'F. SCOTT FITZGERALD
In 1880 he wrote, 'We draw two circles, and make them include or exclude or intersect one another'MATH MEN
Though unpopular with the President for his cautiousness, this Union general was once known as 'Young Napoleon'GENERAL PRACTICE
Referring to its 2 acts, an Irish critic described it as 'a play in which nothing happens, twice'PLAYS
Slate called the last scene of this 2007 Oscar winner based on Cormac McCarthy's novel 'a tacked on chunk of meaning'WEAK END
This word preceded 'Ink' in the name of one of the first mystery booktores, opened in 1972REMEMBER BOOKSTORES?
In German it was called 'Heiliges Romisches Reich'QUICK HISTORY
Meaning one who flees home or seeks asylym, it was first applied to Hugenots who fled France17th CENTURY WORDS
Lake Bemidji, Bass Lake (a few dozen of those)STATES BY LAKE
The easternmost outpost of Polynesia, it lies about 2,200 miles off the coast of ChilePOLYNESIA
An official song for the jubilee was co-written by this musical theatre mogul who was knighted in 1992QUEEN ELIZABETH'S DIAMOND JUBILEE
Built in 1911, this Wisconsin home was named for a Welsh bard associated with King ArthurPLACE NAMES
A publisher's note on one of his books called him 'The terror of typesetters' & 'an enigma to book reviewers'20th CENTURY AMERICAN WRITERS
This 10-letter word means 'greedy' & goes back to one of the 7 Deadly Sins'A'DJECTIVES
'Si ve algo, diga algo' was part of a 2011 Spanish-language TV campaign by this cabinet departmentCABINET DEPARTMENTS
Adjective meaning worked into the fiber or texture of something'ING'LISH (The correct response will begin with 'ing'.)
In the 1950s Robert Havighurst popularized the phrase this 'moment', meaning an opportunity to learn somethingEDUCATION
In 1638 he organized the first Baptist Church in America in Providence, Rhode IslandAMERICAN HISTORY
Chile is the world's leading producer of this metal that has been called 'the salary of Chile'IT'S CHILE IN HERE
A haiku traditionally deals with this; a senryu takes an ironic look at human thisPOETRY TERMS
Missouri miscreant, bank bandit, Ford finishedALLITERATION FOR THE PEOPLE (Full name is required.)
It's the last word spoken by Richard IIIBRUSH UP YOUR SHAKESPEARE
ClueWho is or What isCategory
The yellow-rumped warbler is also known as this artist's warblerNATURE BOY
People brought before the Spanish Inquisition were sentenced at this public ceremony whose name means 'act of faith'CEREMONIES
In 1900 the first La Scala performance of this opera was conducted by the man whose last name began with the opera's titleOPERA
This city named for one in England & once home to many a steel mill: 'the Pittsburgh of the south'CITY NICKNAMES
The answer to this TV question of the 1980s was Kristin Shepard, played by Bing's daughter MaryCROSBY
Davenport Park in the city of Bangor is home to a memorial remembering this battleshipU.S. MEMORIALS
'A defamatory assertion expressed in a transitory form, especially speech 'BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS
Founded in 1948, this company got its name from the sound a slingshot projectile made when hitting a targetTOY STORY
Naturally, plenty of coal was formed in this geologic period, 360 million to 300 million B.C.GEOLOGY
The only 2 presidents never to present a State of the Union address are William Henry Harrison & this manU.S. PRESIDENTS
His essay 'On the Decay of the Art of Lying' was 'read at a meeting of the historical and antiquarian club of Hartford'ESSAYS
Amazon said this author who died in 2004 was the first to sell a million Kindle e-booksEUROPEAN AUTHORS
In 1839 this Frenchman showed a way to create an image on a copper plate coated with silver; the process is named for himFRENCH EPONYMS
The soundtrack for this film based on a play holds the record for the most weeks at No. 1, 54 weeks in 1962 & '63BILLBOARD NO.1 ALBUMS
Balzac described it as 'a French island basking in I the Italian sun'AROUND THE MEDITERRANEAN
It was created in the early 1700s from 2 counties purchased by an Austrian prince; he named the nation for his familyCOUNTRIES
If you've got a 1982 penny, it could be either mainly copper or mainly this material next to copper on the periodic tableFUN WITH SCIENCE
This 1890 piece was named for a Verlaine poem that begins, 'Your soul is as a moonlit landscape fair'CLASSICAL MUSIC
Found in Article 3, Sec. 3, & requiring the testimony of 2 witnesses to prove, it's the only crime defined in the ConstitutionTHE U.S. CONSTITUTION
In 2012 the National Postal Museum marked the 75th & 100th anniversaries of these 2 disasters with an exhibit called 'Fire & Ice'DISASTERS
83, odd: 937, odd... I guess 2 really is the only even one of theseTWO'S DAY
This man got the assignment in 1971; he'd get to appoint 2 other men to the job himselfTHE U.S. AMBASSADOR TO THE U.N.
'The route taken by Hawk-eye lay across those sandy plains'CHAPTER 13 (Name the novel.)
A tonsorialist is one who does thisODD WORDS
This woman is promised 'eleven hundred pieces of silver' if she can uncover the secret of a certain gentlemanKNOWEST THOU THE OLD TESTAMENT?
Gambling as a commercial enterprise in some form is legal in all states except Hawaii & this stateTHE 50 STATES

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