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ClueWho Is or What IsCategory
This nation lost its direct access to the Pacific around 1880 but retains a Navy that patrols its rivers & a large lakeTHE WESTERN HEMISPHERE
In 1823 this Scot obtained a patent for a process that made silk, paper & 'other substances impervious to water and air'INVENTORS
In the original 1883 work, this title character kills a talking cricket, has his feet burned off & nearly starvesCHILDREN'S LITERATURE
The Statue's full proper title is 'Liberty' doing this to 'The World'THE STATUE OF LIBERTY
This early 1830s PM lives on in the name of a popular teaPRIME MINISTERS OF GREAT BRITAIN
On May 29, 1953 he literally found himself on top of the world, along with his guideAT 33
Delegates from 34 countries attended this body's final session April 18, 1946HISTORY
In 1514 this Spanish explorer was made Military Governor of Bimini & FloridaHISTORIC NAMES
It's the length from the base of a cone to the apex'A' IN MATH
Her 'post is now one of the 50 most frequented web destinations...in Feb. it attracted more than 23 mil. unique visitors'THE 2011 TIME 100
The villain's visage in this movie series was partly chosen due to its likeness to an 1893 work by a Norwegian artistMOVIES
It remained a separate colony for most of its 71 years until it was absorbed by Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691AMERICA BEFORE THE REVOLUTION
1896: Ellery Clark, 20' 10'; 2000: Ivan Pedroso, 28' 3/4'OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALISTS BY SPORT
Robert Frost & Daniel Webster collections are housed at a special collections library at this Ivy League schoolLIBRARIES
Of the countries that fit the category, it stretches farthest eastCOUNTRIES OF AFRIC'A' (The country will end with the letter 'A'.)
TennesseeSTATE'S RIGHTS (you have to tell us which other state to the right of that state on a map has the longest border with it.)
People of Shinar built a structure called this 'because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth'THE LAND OF THE BIBLE
Oct. 22, 1844 became 'The Great Disappointment' for those awaiting the end; it led to the start of this 'numeric' faithIT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD
The full title of a Dickens novel is 'The Posthumous Papers of' this clubIT'S IN THE PAPERS
1998, girls: one of the Bronte sistersMOST POPULAR BABY NAMES BY YEAR
Issued in 2011, a stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary of a major event in U.S. history depicts this strongholdREMEMBERING U.S. HISTORY
The only time 3 actors from the same movie were nominated for Best Actor was for this high seas filmOSCAR NOMINATIONS
He gave his horse a name that partly means 'nag' in Spanish; the name he gave himself refers to a piece of armorLITERARY TITLE CHARACTERS
Of the top 10 cities in population within city limits, this one of 1.4 million is the only state capitalU.S. CITIES
'The House of the Dead' is a fictionalized version of this 19th C. Russian's prison experiencesFICTION
The idealogy promoted by the leader of this South American country has become known as 'Chavismo'LEFTY
Device used by Terry Herbert to find the 'Staffordshire Hoard' of buried Anglo-Saxon goldWHAT'S NEW IN ARCHAEOLOGY
ClueWho Is or What IsCategory
Isaac Hull captained this ship in 1812 as cannonballs from the frigate Guerriere bounced off itTHE PATRIOT LEAGUE
The assassination of Jean-Paul MaratCENTURY OF THE CRIME
These mountains west of the Hudson take their name from the Dutch for 'Wildcat Creek'THE MOUNTAIN WEST
Now closed, the D.C. hospital named for him opened in 1909 & in WWI, went from 80 beds to 2,500 in monthsHOSPITALS
This ballet choreographed by Agnes de Mille is subtitled 'The Courting at Burnt Ranch'BALLET
He was executed in 1780 & buried in Tappan, New York; his remains were moved to Westminster Abbey in 1821THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR
Seems odd, but in 1947 Columbia University received a special one of these prizes for its administration of those prizesAWARDS & HONORS
Monopoly creator Charles Darrow's sole quote in 'the Yale Book of Quotations' includes this 3-digit numberCLASSIC GAMES
Young Cook's charts of this river's estuary were vital to the British victory at Quebec in 1759CAPTAIN COOK
Cupolas are small domes, but can be pointy instead of dome-shaped when found on these mosque towersARCHITECTURE
The son of an Oscar winner, this prince is also a 5-time OlympianROYALTY
The political philosophy of 'minimum government, maximum freedom', or a party whose motto is just thatWHAT'S THE BIG IDEA?
In the 1940s Franklin Roosevelt coined this term in reference to all the countries allied against the Axis powersTHE 20th CENTURY
It's not kosher, but Buster Keaton, Popeye Doyle & Justin Timberlake have all sported these round, flat hatsALL HAT
Born in 1225, this Italian is the patron saint of Catholic schools, universities, & collegesPATRON SAINTS
The World Court prosecutor applied for an arrest warrant against this African country's President Al-BashirREMEMBER 2008?
' 'How are you getting on?' said' this animal character, 'as soon as there was mouth enough for it to speak with'19th CENTURY LITERATURE
This metal used to make semiconductors was discovered by Clemens Winkler & named for his homelandMETALS
These fierce invaders from the north took out the Jim Dynasty before overthrowing the Song in 1279THE SONG DYNASTY
'Needful Things' & 'Salem's Lot'STATE OF THE NOVEL (Identify the state in which the novel's action takes place.)
The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, home to the largest permanent collection of her works, is in this state capitalART & STATE CAPITALS
'In this sense, the theory of' this group 'may be summed up in the single sentence: abolition of private property'19th CENTURY QUOTATIONS
Sharp type of turn that sounds like an accessory to keep your toupee from flying offONE GOOD TURN
In 1940 at age 44 he died of a heart attack at his Hollywood home while reading his Princeton Alumni WeeklyDEATH OF AN AUTHOR
In 1978 he replaced his brothers at No. 1, who then replaced him; one of the brothers was a writer on all 3 songsTOP OF THE POP CHARTS
Visited by 15 million people a year, this spot in Britain honors an 1805 battle fought elsewhereEUROPEAN TRAVEL & TOURISM
This performer is the only person to win Oscars for acting & also songwritingTHE OSCARS
ClueWho Is or What IsCategory
The University of Texas Medical Branch is on this islandAMERICAN ISLANDS
Frisian, a Germanic language, is spoken in 3 areas, each with its own dialect, along the coast of this seaLANGUAGES
She co-wrote the popular 19th century work 'Tales from Shakespear' with her brother CharlesSOMETHING ABOUT MARY
In 2010 Neil Patrick Harris won for playing Mr. Schuester's former high school nemesis on this seriesEMMY-WINNING GUEST APPEARANCES
This Eastern African country is on the Indian OceanMY 'K'OUNTRY
This South American ruminant that's related to the guanaco'V' IS FOR...
E.M. Forster dedicated this 1924 novel to Syed Ross Mahood, who showed him 'new horizons and a new civilization'BOOK DEDICATIONS
2005: this drama of nuns, priests & uncertainityTHE TONY AWARD FOR BEST PLAY
In this 1950 play, a dressmaker's deceased husband & her new boyfriend both sport the title art on their chestsTENNESSEE WILLIAMS
His 1922 New York Times obituary mentions that his patent no. 174,465 'has been called the most valuable patent ever issued'FOREIGN-BORN INVENTORS
After hoarding food rations, he & his son were kept at bay, literally, by mutineers who set them adrift in 1611THE 1600s
To mark an historic visit, on May 17 an Irish army band played this song followed by Ireland's anthem2011 EVENTS
The documentary 'The September Issue' showed Anna Wintour prepping for this magazine's 2007 Fall Fashion issueMAGAZINES
Vatican City's anthem says, 'O noble Rome, you are the seat of' this apostle, 'whose blood was shed in Rome'NATIONAL ANTHEMS
A lavender was a woman who did thisOLD JOBS
Released by the U.S. Mint in January 1999, the first quarter honoring a state honored this oneMONEY, MONEY, MONEY
In 1924 North Carolina's Trinity College was endowed by a tobacco magnate & changed its name to thisCOLLEGE KNOWLEDGE
This clause in a law signed June 23, 1972 changed women's college athletics foreverSPORTS & CIVIL RIGHTS
Number of days in a leap year times 2 plus 8PLUS 8
Leading questions may be used when dealing with an adverse witness, also called this type of witnessA LITTLE LEGALESE
The name of this large port city on western Europe's Schelde River literally means 'at the wharf'WORLD GEOGRAPHY
A bestselling memoir: 'Come, Reza, Ama'LIBROS EN ESPAƑOL
In the beginning this team iced the puck at the Border Cities Arena in Windsor, Ontario; then for 50 years at Olympia StadiumSPORTS VENUES
Rogaine won't repair this stress-induced pain also called a capillary fractureREALLY HURT

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