Donkey Kong Country Animals Buddies By Level

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Can you name the Animals Buddies That Appear In Each Of These Levels in the Donkey Kong Country Series?

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Gusty Glade
Glimmer's Galleon
Squawk's Shaft
Barrel Drop Bounce
Ice Age Valley
Bramble Scramble
Rocket Barrel Ride
Jungle Hijinx
Toxic Tower
Castle Crush
Tyrant Twin Tussle
Web Woods
Squeals on Wheels
Clapper's Cavern
Krack Shot Kroc
Millstone Mayhem
Pirate Panic
Manic Mincers
Oil Drum Valley
Hot-Head Hop
Croctopus Chase
Springin' Spiders
Orang-Utan Gang
Tidal Trouble
Clam City
Rattle Battle
King Zing Sting
Torchlight Trouble
Swoopy Salvo
Poisonous Pipeline
Dingy Drain-Pipe (GBA Only)
Stampede Sprint
Animal Antics
Bouncy Bananza
Temple Tempest
Poison Pond
Lava Lagoon
Screech's Sprint
Barbos Barrier
Rambi Rumble
Bazza's Blockade
Winky's Walkway
Stormy Seas (GBA Only)
Bramble Blast
Buzzer Barrage
Lockjaw's Locker
Hornet Hole
Coral Capers
Topsail Trouble
Bobbing Barrel Brawl
Parrot Chute Panic
Pot Hole Panic
Creepy Caverns
Floodlit Fish
Red-Hot Ride
Fire-Ball Frenzy
Misty Mines
Rope Bridge Rumble
Squirt's Showdown
Murky Mill
Blazing Bazukas
Krockhead Klamber
Ropey Rumpus
Lakeside Limbo
Arctic Abyss
Barrel Bayou
Tracker Barrel Trek
Low-G Labyrinth

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