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Can you name the God which does not belong in each of the sets?

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‣Cronus ‣Poseidon ‣Hades ‣Zeus 
Norse Goddesses
‣Frigg ‣Skadi ‣Forseti ‣Hel  
Roman Gods and Goddesses
‣Jupiter ‣Mercury ‣Uranus ‣Venus 
Sons of Zeus
‣Dionysus ‣Hermes ‣Apollo ‣Eros 
Animal Headed Gods
‣Anubis ‣Krishna ‣Ganesha ‣Horus 
Symbols of Athena
‣Owl ‣Helmet ‣Ivy ‣Spear 
Gods of War
‣Anhur ‣Mars ‣Vishnu ‣Ares 
Egyptian Gods
‣Thoth ‣Ptah ‣Tlaloc ‣Osiris 
Bore Children with Zeus
‣Hestia ‣Leto ‣Hera ‣Demeter 
Hindu Gods and Goddesses
‣Brahma ‣Shiva ‣Lakshmi ‣Ra 
Roman Olympian Gods and Goddesses
‣Hercules ‣Vulcan ‣Neptune ‣Juno 
‣Isis ‣Sekhmet ‣Nephthys ‣Set 

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