Harry Potter Chapters In Other Words

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Can you name the correct chapters from the Harry Potter books once each word has been through a thesaurus?

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Chapter SynonymChapter Name
The Vessel of Conflagration
An Overabundance of Mucus
The Ovum and the Oculus
The Lunacy of Mr Squat
The Unanticipated Mission
The Classifying Cap
The Chap Who Endured
Aviation of the Chubby Woman
Following the Entombment
Return to the Tunnel
The Batonbuilder
Chapter SynonymChapter Name
Conjury is Vigour
In the Pig's Cranium
The Conundrum Crib
The Abominable Hexes
Collapsed Champion
Chaos at the Office
The Battling Guild
The Clobbering Catkin-Tree
A Lethargic Recollection
Hermione's Assisting Appendage
The Shatterproof Oath
Gyrator's Limit

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