Can you name the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers

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Can you name the Can you name the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers?

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1*right fielder
2*traded to mariners
3*in season acquisition
8*left fielder
10*in season acquisition
12*relief pitcher
14*3rd baseman
16*up from the minors
20*in season acquisition
21*up from the minors
22*in season acquisition
23*injured for most of season
24*up from the minors
25*center fielder
26*starting pitcher
27*back-up outfielder
28*1st basesman
30*utility infielder
31*starting pitcher
37*starting pitcher
38*relief/starting pitcher
41*starting pitcher
45*relief pitcher (injured)
47*relief/starting pitcher
49*starting pitcher
50*in season acquisition
51*THE closer
52*relief pitcher
57*lefty specialist
60*relief pitcher
73*relief pitcher

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