Sexual Differentiation

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determination of the gonads occurs during weeks _____ of development
biological attributes that distinguish male from female
the genital tubercle becomes the _____ in males
the pelvic portion of the urogenital sinus in females becomes what structure?
the vesicle of the urogenital sinus develops into what in males and females?
the presence or absence of what chromosome determines sex
this structure hollows out to form the seminiferous tubules
The presence of what hormone in males leads to the regression of the mullerian duct?
The follicles of the ovary develops from the _____ sex cords.
gene on the Y chromosome that makes TDF (testes determining factor) transcription factor
What regulates the transcription of AMH?
What connects the testes to the labioscrotal swellings?
transcription factor that is important for development of the testes
urethral folds become the _____ in males
At _____ of embryonic development, the testes begin making androgens and AMH.
the genital tubercle becomes the _____ in females
True or False: A deletion of SRY can lead to an XY female.
urethral folds become the _____ in females
sex cell
the phallic portion of the urogenital sinus becomes what structure in females?
the labioscrotal swellings becomes the ____ in females
concept held by an individual that the individual is male, female, or ambivalent
catalyzes the conversion of testosterone to DHT
can arise from the pluripotent germ cells that do not migrate properly to the gonadal ridges
Which duct in the female regresses?
Which hormone causes the formation of the epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and ejaculatory ducts?
SRY translocation to X chromosome leads to a _____.
Testosterone is made by the ____ cells
Which duct regresses spontaneously in the absence of testosterone?
the pelvic portion of the urogenital sinus in males becomes the ____ urethra
AMH is located on which chromosome?
condition in which an X chromosome is missing producing ovarian dysgenesis with vestigial streak gonads
This hormone causes the conversion of the urogenital sinus into the prostatic and initial phallic urethra, development of prostate and bulbourethral glands, and also causes the dev
this condition occurs when the urogenital folds fail to fuse properly. causes the urethral opening to be at the tip but located ventrally on the penis
This hormone causes the development of the testes, conversion of the mesonephric tubule to the efferent ductule, wolffian duct differentiation and also testicular descent
True or False: only one X chromosome is needed for development of a normal ovary
True or False: Cryptorchism is incomplete testicular descent
Anti mullerian hormone is made by the ____ cells.
disparity between genotype and phenotypic sex, as in XX male or XY female
absence of AMH causes development of the _____ into fimbria, fallopian tubes, uterus, the cervix, and upper 3rd of the vagina.
primordial germ cells initially migrate to the _____ ridges
the labioscrotal swellings becomes the ____ in males
Which internal genitalia duct regresses in the male?
a cell containing 2 sets of chromosomes are known as _____.
The penile urethra is derived from which portion of the urogenital sinus?
the differentiation of the external genitalia occurs at weeks _____ of development

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