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type of neuron that conveys impulses from CNS to effector cell
What causes the opening of Ligand gated Na Channels to open in the post-synaptic membrane?
What causes the synaptic vesicles to migrate to, and fuse with the presynaptic membrane... causing the release of the Neurotransmitter
true or false: actin filaments are involved in axonal transport.
classification of neurons that have 1 axon and 1 dendrite
lipid percentage of myelin
carries material from the axon terminal and the dendrites to the nerve cell body
spread of nerve impulse from node to node
beginning of the axon that is devoid of organelles
one cell process that divides into axon and dendrite near the cell body
functional unit of the nervous system
synapse that transmit impulses via movement of ions through gap junctions
True or False: Axons have nissl bodies.
Outer layer of cytoplasm is in contact with the inner layer of cytoplasm via what?
which micotubule motor protein is used in retrograde transport?
Large (~1mm) pressure and vibration receptors associated with myelinated axon.
processes for input of electrical signals
true or false: Unmyelinated Axons have nodes of ranvier.
true or false: anterograde and retrograde can occur as slow transport systems.
connective tissue surrounding each nerve fascicle
collections of neuronal cell bodies outside of the CNS
True or False: When the depolarization reaches the axon terminal, voltage-gated Ca channels open in the axon terminal.
surround neuron somas (ganglia) and monitor microenvironment
which support cell in the PNS helps clean up debris and directs regrowth of PNS axons?
~150-μm long, fine touch frequency receptors associated with myelinated axon (dermal papillae).
Synapse that occurs between an axon and an axon
presence of this structural component ensures rapid conduction of nerve signals
carries material from the nerve cell body to the periphery
True or False: the generation of a nerve impulse depends on the summation of excitatory and inhibitory impulses that act on a neuron.
release of neurotransmitters that opens anionic channels causing Cl to enter the cell (hyperpolarization)
Which cells make the myelin sheaths for neurons in the PNS?
contains Golgi, mitochondria, rER (NISSL), sER, ribosomes, lipofuscin granules, cytoskeletal elements and conveys impulse to axon
True or False: Neurons can repair following injury by phagocytosis of damaged portion of axon, regeneration of sheath by Schwann cell, and invasion of new sheath by sprouting of ne
release of neurotransmitters that opens channels prompting an influx of Na that causes depolarization is an example of what?
dense irregular connective tissue that surrounds a peripheral nerve
Characterized by destruction of myelin from inflammation and subsequent scarring by non-neural cells in brain
which motor protein is involved in anterograde transport?
classification of neurons that have one axon and 2 or more dendrites.
what molecule is required for the use of kinesin in anterograde transport?
type of neuron that conveys impulses from receptor to the CNS
Synapse that occurs between an axon and dendrite
junction of 2 Schwann Cells
which connective tissue layer contributes to the blood-nerve barrier?
these neurons form a communicating and integrating network b/t sensory and motor neurons
single process for output of electrical signals
synapse that transmit impulses thru neurotransmitters
True or False: Schwann Cells surround all neurons in PNS.
small space that separates the pre and post-synaptic cells
loose connective tissue surrounding each individual nerve fiber
True or False: Synapses can only occur from neuron to neuron.
specialized contacts between neurons that allow for transmission of info from one cell to another
Synapse that occurs between an axon and a cell body
true or false: neurons are classified on the basis of the number of axons extending from the cell body.
True or False: Neurotransmitter is enzymatically degraded in cleft or taken back into cell and degraded in synaptic cleft by mitochondrial enzymes
transport of materials from soma to the axon terminal
granular appearing ergastoplasm in neuronal cell bodies

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