Fluid Balance and Endocrine Regulation

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True or False: Aldosterone acts at the collecting duct and distal tubule of the kidney to promote reabsorption of Na and Cl.
pathological problem that occurs when kidney fails to respond to ADH due to defective V2 receptors or aquaporin 2. causes production of large volumes of urine with normal levels of
What organ is really important for the regulation of Na and Water levels?
enzyme responsible for converting angiotensin I to angiotensin II
with a decrease in osmolalilty, cell in the body shrink or swell?
The osmoreceptors in the brain project to which 2 nuclei of the hypothalamus?
Which ADH receptors are found in the arterioles?
When osmolality ____, cells in the body shrink
True or False: Angiotensin II can act in the brain to increase water and sodium intake.
Information from the left atria, aortic arch, and carotid sinus is detected baroreceptors and sent to the brainstem via which two nerves?
Where in the kidney does angiotensin II act to increase water and sodium intake?
True or False: The macula densa cells detect a decrease in Na filtration then through a paracrine mechanism renin is released by the JG cells.
What is angiotensin II affect on blood vessels?
When sodium is ingested, what happens to the osmolality of the body's fluids?
True or False: angiotensin can act at sympathetic nervous system to inhibit the release of norepinephrine.
angiotensinogen is made in the _____.
Where is angiotensin converting enzyme found?
Which ADH receptor is responsible for its actions on the kidney?
true or false: angiotensin II is produced in the blood.
angiotensin II acts in the brain by using the ______ organs to bypass the blood brain barrier.
What are the 2 natriuretic peptides?
What hormone is released by the adrenal cortex can act on the liver stimulating angiotensinogen?
True or False: ADH increases urine volume.
with a ____ in water intake, osmolality increases
When plasma is hyposmolar, Is urine volume increased or decreased?
What is ANP and BNP's affect on blood vessels?
Where are the 2 natriuretic peptides made?
cells in the brain that detect changes in osmolality of the extracellular fluid
Receptor for ANP and BNP
caused by inadequate synthesis or release of ADH due to a head injury or brain tumor. It results in large volumes of urine.
Where in the kidney does ADH act to increase water resorption?
What natriuretic peptide is made by ventricular myocytes?
What type of catecholamine receptors are located on JG cells promoting renin secretion?
primary control point for the production of angiotensin II
angiotensin II acts at the zona glomerulosa of the adrenal cortex to produce what hormone?
True or False: Aldosterone acts to increase water excretion.
a decrease in blood volume as detected by the baroreceptors of the kidney cause the release of what hormone?
True or False: ANP and BNP promote Na excretion and water excretion.
known biomarker of heart failure
What natriuretic peptide is made by atrial myocytes?
True or False: The parasymapthetic nervous system is involved in promoting the secretion of renin.
True or False: angiotensin II is a negative feedback regulator of renin secretion.
major sites of action for aldosterone in the kidney (2 places)
shrinkage of osmoreceptors due to a decrease in water intake (hyperosmolar) activates the neurons in the SO and PVN nuclei of the hypothalamus to induce secretion of what hormone?
Where are the brain osmoreceptors located?
Total volume of Body Water (L)
True or False: The secretion of ANP is controlled by activation of stretch receptors in the atria of the heart.
Angiotensin II binds to what receptor on the JG cells to inhibit renin secretion?
True or False: The V2 receptor activates adenylyl cyclase, increasing cAMP levels, activating protein kinase A, which activates aquaporin 2 channels at the collecting duct of the k
True or False: Thirst is activated by shrinkage of osmoreceptors in the brain.
an increase in water intake causes a _____ in osmolality
Swelling of osmoreceptors inactivates neurons in the SO and PVN nuclei decreasing or inhibiting synthesis and release of ADH at the posterior pituitary.
Where is renin made?
The actions of ANP and BNP primarily oppose the affects of what hormone?

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