Blood Brain Barrier and CSF

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the ______ the lipid solubility (i.e. ability to pass through endothelial membranes), the greater the delivery rate into the brain.
What acts as a conduit for polypeptide hypothalamic hormones?
How much CSF is produced per day?
an increase in optic disc swelling that can be secondary to intracranial pressure
blood clot in or on the brain is known as a _____.
What mediates the transport of glucose into the brain?
True or False: The endothelial cells of the BBB have a high concentration of mitochondria because the mitochondria are needed to power energy dependent mechanisms that allow specif
True or False. The Area Postrema is a CVO.
circumventricular organ that is chemoreceptive to angiotensin II, and regulates the water balance in the body
This circumventricular organ releases glycoprotein into the CSF
This Circumventricular organ regulates circadian rhythm via melatonin release
Circumventricular Organ involved in the secretion of vasopressin and oxytocin
What enzyme drives the gradient needed for bicarbonate production used in CSF?
An obstruction of CSF flow (no free passage from lateral ventricles to subarachnoid space) is known as a ________ hydrocephalus.
What is the main structural component of the BBB?
a buildup of fluid inside the skull, leading to brain swelling. Can occur early in development preventing normal cranial development
If there is an increase in proteins or leukocytes, what color with the CSF be?
The removal of wastes from the brain is mediated by ______.
This Circumventricular organ regulates the anterior pituitary.
What is the characteristic of endothelial cells of CVOs?
A patent ventricular system characterized by impaired absorption into the venous system is known a _______ hydrocephalus.
what type of substance typically passes the BBB?
If there is a hemorrhage in the brain, then the CSF will be what color?
Complete the Equation: _____=CPP/CVR
Where is CSF produced?
CSF occupies what percentage of the total brain weight?
organs with no BBB... line the ventricles
True or False: CSF is a combination of NaCl, bicarbonate, and water.
High synaptic activity leads to an increase in extracellular Potassium, which leads to ______ of cerebral resistance vessels.
An increase in what 2 molecules or ions leads to vasodilation in cerebral resistance vessels?
True or False: Tight junctions are found in most endothelial cells in the body.
True or False: The Trojan Horse Method for brain delivery includes targeting energy-dependent or facilitative transport to gain access to CNS
This molecule is thought to play a big role in regulating the permeability of endothelial cells of the BBB
coughing, sneezing, hematomas, ateriovenous malformations, and edema can all be causes of increased _______ ______.
A tissue characterized by leaky capillaries and modified ependymal cells
proteins that form pores for water transport required for the production of CSF
True or False: The Lamina Terminalis has an extensive blood brain barrier.
What percentage of the Brain is water?
An increase in intracranial pressure can cause an increase in Cerebral vascular resistance, which causes a ______ in cerebral blood flow.
What cell is thought to influence the formation of endothelial tight junctions as well as influence the proliferation of endothelial cells?
What structures act as one way valves, allowing CSF to exit the ventricular system into the venous system?
True or False: The BBB acts as a selectively permeable barrier restricting entry of some hormones and NT, microorganisms, and immunoeffector cells.
___% of the blood from the heart goes to the brain.
The BBB is permeable to substances with a molecular weight upto about ___ daltons.
True or False: Normal CSF has a cloudy consistency.
What is the turnover rate for the production of CSF?
How do metabolites (glucose), vitamins, and minerals enter the brain?
True or False: The CSF is essential in the removal of harmful substances or waste from the brain

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