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giggling, inappropriate grinning, child like behavior, hallucinations, delusions, lacking emotions
manic and depression episodes, lasts from days to months
inflated self esteem, euphoric 'high', extremely active
panic attack, overwhelming intense fear for no reason
extreme behavior, hyperactive, imiate sounds, overexcited
shows symptoms of all types of schizophrenia, symptoms fluctuate
afraid of social situations, public performance
afraid of multiple crowds, public places, cannot leave home
self-destructive behavior, loosely connected thoughts,disorganized speech, social withdrawl
delusions of grandeur, hallucinations, disorganized speech, more fuctional than most, suicidal tendency
leave all your life behind, new identity
emotional withdrawl, delusions, loss of speech, unable to care for self
loss of memory from traumatic event, like repression, PTSD
trouble remembering things from before the accident
trouble learning new things

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