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when is her birthday?
where was she born?
name of her parents
amount of siblings
name of the christian school she attended
name of her 3rd studio album
song that made her famous
name of her famous ex boyfriend
name of her children
name of the father of her children
name of the place she was raised
what did she do in 2007 that caused a lot of controversy?
number of studio albums she has up to date
name of her idol
name of her former reality show
name of her 2004 tour
name of her aunt
name of her cousin
name of one of the first people who helped achieve her fame
record label shes signed to
name of her former assistant
name of her former sicurity gaurd that now works with jonas brothers
what year and event did she dance with the python?
where did she live in 2003?
what song was released on september 24, 2001?
what music video is britney wearing a white shirt & pants?
what star is featured in her 'you drive me crazy' music video ?
whose believed to be her rival?
what song did britney sing on star search?
whats britney's favorite coffee place?
what color was her wig during her crazy times?
who did she kiss at the 2003 VMA?
whose britney's first husband?
name of the cousin in britney's 'baby one more time' video
what did britney mainly sell at her grandmother's shop?
what song did britney write for her ex boyfriend on her 4th album?
name of the mansion britney bought her mother
britney's natural hair color is.........
name of her first fragrance
name of current fashion line shes advertising

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