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Question Answer
Official Name
The US Is The ____ Most Populous Country
The US Is The ____ Largest Country
Type Of Government (Official Name)
National Language
Second Most Spoken Language In The US
Third Most Spoken Language In The US
Vice President
Speaker of the House
Chief Justice
Number of States
Largest State
Smallest State
Most Populous State
Least Populous State
State That Borders The Most Other States
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Number Of States In Contiguous US
Independence From
Flag Colour
Question Answer
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Number Of Time Zones
Motto (traditional)
Motto (official)
Largest Religion
Date format
Drives On The
The Next Seven Will Be Countries That Used To Own Land In Areas That Are In The US Now (and are still their own country today)type okay
Largest Ethnic Group
Largest City
2nd Largest City
3rd Largest City
4th Largest City
5th Largest City
Question Answer
Most Densely Populated State
Least Densely Populated State
Most Common Hair Colour
Most Common Eye Colour
Continent Where Most Immigrants Came/Come From
National Sport
Bordering Ocean
Bordering Ocean
Bordering Ocean
Bordering Gulf (most famous)
Highest Point
Lowest Point
National Animal
Elections For President Are Every...(if everything goes accordingly)
National Flower
National Tree
Longest River
Life Expectancy
Average Age To Have A Child
The US Is The World's ____ Most Powerful Country

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