Judas Priest v Iron Maiden

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Decide whether each song or album is from Judas Priest or Iron Maiden

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Album/SongPriest (P) or Maiden (M)
SONG: Tailgunner
SONG: Be Quick Or Be Dead
ALBUM: Brave New World
SONG: Can I Play With Madness
ALBUM: Dance Of Death
ALBUM: Jugulator
ALBUM: No Prayer For The Dying
ALBUM: Powerslave
SONG: Purgatory
SONG: Moonchild
SONG: Running Wild
SONG: Prisoner Of Your Eyes
SONG: Halls of Valhalla
ALBUM: The Final Frontier
ALBUM: A Matter Of Life And Death
SONG: Children Of The Damned
SONG: All Guns Blazing
SONG: These Colours Don't Run
ALBUM: Hell Bent For Leather
ALBUM: Sad Wings Of Destiny
SONG: Wrathchild
ALBUM: Redeemer Of Souls
SONG: Shadows In The Flame
ALBUM: Defenders Of The Faith
Album/SongPriest (P) or Maiden (M)
ALBUM: Sin After Sin
ALBUM: Piece Of Mind
ALBUM: Fear Of The Dark
ALBUM: Painkiller
ALBUM: British Steel
SONG: Prodigal Son
SONG: Touch Of Evil
ALBUM: Screaming For Vengeance
SONG: Living After Midnight
ALBUM: Killers
SONG: Running Free
ALBUM: Angel Of Retribution
ALBUM: Ram It Down
SONG: Stranger In A Strange Land
SONG: Judgement Day
ALBUM: Unleashed In The East
SONG: Green Manalishi
SONG: March Of The Damned
SONG: Breaking The Law
SONG: Dawn Of Creation
ALBUM: Somewhere In Time
ALBUM: The Number Of The Beast
ALBUM: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
SONG: One Shot At Glory

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