Pharmacy Conversions

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Can you name the Pharmacy Conversions?

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1 inch to centimeters
1 kilogram to pounds
1 grain to grams
1 quart to pints
1 gram to to grains
1 minim to mL
1 fluid dram to minims
1 O., Pint to mL
1 fluid drachm to mL
1 ounce apothecary to grams
1 apothecary ounce to drams
1 gallon to fluid ounces
1 mL to minims
1 ounce avoirdupois to grams
1 pound avoirdupois to grams
1 apothecary pound to apothecary ounces
1 pound apothecary to grams
1 ounce avoirdupois to grains
1 pint (O.) to fluid ounces
1 gallon to mL
1 dram to scruples
1 gallon to quarts
1 meter to inches
1 fluid ounce to mL
1 scruple to grains
1 avoir pound to ounces
1 fluid ounce to fluid drams
1 grain avoirdupois to grain apothecary
1 pound avoirdupois to grains
1 ounce apothecary to grains
1 pound apothecary to grains

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