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Song Lyrics
'Oh, Shut it down when the time comes , Oh, pull out the big guns'
' Actin up, drank in my cup and I can careless what you think'
' Baby the minute I feel your energy, Your vibe is just taken over me , start feeling so crazy baby'
' Got me hoping you'll page me right now, your kiss got me hoping you'll save me right now'
'Baby drop them keys, hurry up before your taxi leaves'
'Not a day goes by with out my fantasies, I think about you all the time i see you in my dreams'
'Every rule i had you breakin, It's the risk that i'm takin'
'When you lose the one you wanted, cause he's taking you for granted'
Song Lyrics
' I never seen a smile so pretty, I need to know i'll always have you wit me'
'I can't believe i feel for your schemes, I'm smarter than that, So dumb and naive for me to believe that with me your a changed man'
' People told me 'bout the flames, I couldn't see through the smoke, When I need answers accusations what you mean you gone choke'
'Got a better glimpse and then I looked away, Feels like i'm losing it'
' Baby what you want me to buy my accountant's waiting by the phone'
'Just keep lovin me, the way I love you lovin me '
Some call it arrogant, I call it confident, You decide when you find, out what im working with

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