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Booze, Juice, Sauce
Amy, Army, Poppers
Blue Heavens, Yellow Jackets
Mollies, Black Beauties, Speed, Uppers, Bennies
Barbs, Downers, Goofballs
Rush, Locker room
Jellies, Jelly Beans, Knockout Drops, Mickey, Torpedo
Snow, Blow, Toot, Nose Candy
School Boy, Cody, C
Rock, Crumbs, Pebbles, Bones
Businessman's Trip, Disney Land
Now, Herbal Fuel, Blasting Caps
Apache, Tango and Cash, Murder, Poison, TNT
Easy Lay, Liquid X, Grievous, Bodily Harm, Georgia Homeboy
Horse, Smack, H
Special K, Vitamian K, Kit Kat, Jet Fuel, Cat Valium
Acid, Blotter, Electric Kool-Aid, Tabs, Trips
Grass, Pot, Weed, Mary Jane
Love Drug, Atom, E
Buttons, Big Chief, Cactus
Uppers, Snot, Glue, Ice, Crystal, Speed, Crank, Glass
M, Morph, Mother, Sister, Mud, Dreamer
Ballons, Whip-its
Big O, Dopium, Tar, Black Jack
Angel Dust, Hog, Squeeze, Wack,
Shrooms, Mushies, Silly Putty
Ludes,Quay, Quads, Disco Biscuits
Roach, Rope, Rib, Mexican Valium
Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks

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