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A evildoer or criminal
To dislike intensely, loathe, despise
Peaceful, friendly relations
Friendly, affable
Replace, take place of
One who behaves criminally, an evildoer, a malefactor
To say bad things, a curse
Wrong name
Harming an evil influence, very harmful
Thinking you are above others, arrogant, haughty
A departure from what is normal or typical
An inclination to do good, kindliness
Give up, resign, as to ____ a thrown
Good natured, kindly, favorable, not malignant
Separating into different groups
One who has given help, especially financial
Pleasant, friendly
A person who hates or distrusts mankind
Wishing evil or harm to others
That which cannot be defended
To cause pain, injury or distress to another
Enjoying the company of groups, affable
To say or speak well of, hence a blessing

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