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To cause pain, injury or distress to another
Wishing evil or harm to others
Give up, resign, as to ____ a thrown
Enjoying the company of groups, affable
Replace, take place of
A evildoer or criminal
Harming an evil influence, very harmful
Thinking you are above others, arrogant, haughty
That which cannot be defended
A departure from what is normal or typical
To say or speak well of, hence a blessing
Friendly, affable
Wrong name
One who has given help, especially financial
A person who hates or distrusts mankind
Peaceful, friendly relations
An inclination to do good, kindliness
Good natured, kindly, favorable, not malignant
To say bad things, a curse
Separating into different groups
To dislike intensely, loathe, despise
One who behaves criminally, an evildoer, a malefactor
Pleasant, friendly

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