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An assumed name, a false name or pseudonymLaw term
To Clear of a chargeLaw term
Known for excessive loyalty to a cause A Person
Something left to an heir in a willLaw term
Known for excelling in the technique of an art A Person
Conforming to established beliefs, conventionalReligious term
To give false testimonyLaw term
To worship as a god, to show great respectReligious term
Pretending to be pious and devout, false pietyReligious term
A court order requiring or prohibiting an actionLaw term
An addition to a willLaw term
To illegally take another's propertyLaw term
Know for insisting on exact standardsA Person
The science of lawLaw term
Known for being very loyal to a causeA Person
A person who inherits another's property or titleLaw term
Holding an opinion opposed to official or established beliefsReligious term
Very religiousReligious term

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