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Taylor's Death
Kansas Nebraska
Uncle Tom's Cabin Published
John Browns Raid
US declares slave trade illegal
Whig Milliard Fillmore takes up Presidency
The Gadsden Purchase
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Lloyd Garrison publishes the Liberator
Democrat James Buchanan elected President
Bleeding Kansas
Emergence of Republican Party
Democrat Franklin Pierce elected President
Bleeding Sumner
Mid Term elections closest to Taylors presidency
Nullification Crisis
Texas Joins the Union
Mid Term elections closest to Pierce's Presidency
Collapse of the Whig Party
Northern Industry Recession
Republican Abraham Lincoln Elected President
Formation of Free Soil Party
The Compromise proposed by Clay (Omnibus) and Refined by Douglas
Mid Term elections closest to Buchanan's presidency
Whig Zachary Taylor elected President
Elijah Lovejoy abolitionist martyr in Illinois
Founding Fathers create Constituition
In which month of 1846 did the Polk War start?
Gold Rush of California
Texas gains independence from Mexico
Missouri Compromise
Lincoln Douglas Debates
Nat Turners Revolt
The Calhoun Doctrine
In which month of 1846 did the Wilmot Proviso emerge?
Emergence of the Know Nothing Party
Democrat James Polk elected President
Formation of National Anti-Slavery Society
Invention of Cotton Gin
Dredd Scott Case

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