A2 History: Trade Unions Timeline

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National War Labour Board Established
Bloody Textile Strike
San Fancisco General Strike
Coalition of Labour Union Women Established
Coalition of Black Trade Unions Established
Fair Labour Standards Act
Economic Oppurtunity Act
PATCO Strike
Landrum Griffin Act
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Lawrence Strike
SC - NLRB vs Fansteel
Haymarket Affair
Fair Employment Practices Committee Est.
Equal Pay Act
Occupational Health and Safety Act
National Labour Relations Act
National Negro Labour Union Established
Ludlow Massacre
Iron Founders Strike
Seattle General Strike
SC - NLRB vs Laughlin
Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Teamsters Union Established
Gentlemens Agreement Act
Norris-LaGuardia Act
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
New York Hospital Workers Strike
SC - Lochner vs New York
SC - Schechter vs US
Presidential empowerment to seize any plant affecting war production
Homestead Strike
AFL-CIO Pubic Sector Branch Established
Wabash Railroad Strike
AFL-CIO Merger
SC - Holden vs Hardy
National Labour Union Established
Taft-Harley Act
Pullman Strike
SC - West Coast Hotel vs Parish
SC - US vs Enmons
United Mine Workers of America Established
SC - Adkins vs Childrens Hospital
American Federation of Labour (AFL) Established
National Association of Manufacturers Established
Teamsters Reform
Blue Ridge Strike
National Industry Recovery Act
SC - Coppage vs Kansas
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters Established
Industrial Workers of the World Established
Chinese Exclusion Act
Minneapolis Teamsters Strike
Knights of Labour Established
US Postal Workers Strike.
Civil Rights Act

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