A2 History: Native American Timeline

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Occupation of Wounded Knee
Mount Rushmore Occupation
Plain Wars
Curtis Act
American Indian Defence Association
Pine Ridge Reservation Siege
Indian Self Determination Act
Indian Education Act
Indian Child Welfare Act
SC - US vs Sandoval
Navajo Migration
Muskogee Convention
SC - Lone Wolf vs Hitchcock
American Indian Movement Established
Alcatraz Siege
Carlisle Industrial School Established
Dawes Severalty Act
Society of American Indians Established
National Congress of American Indians Established
SC - Charrier vs Bell
AIM seizure of BIA
Indian Citizenship Act
Native American Religious Freedom Act
Board of Indian Commissioners Established
American Indian Policy Review Commission Established
Education Assistance Act
Fort Laramie Treaty
SC - Fisher vs Montanna
SC - Puyallup vs Washington
Indian Claims Commission Established
Vocational Training Act
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Society of American Indians Collapse
Native American Rights Fund Establised
SC - US vs Sioux
SC - Oneida vs Madison Counties
National Indian Youth Council Established
SC - Harrison vs Laveen
Howard Wheeler Act
Hampton Normal Institute Established
Wounded Knee Massacre
Battle of Little Bighorn
SC - Seminole vs Butterworth
Start of Termination Policy
National Council on Indian Oppurtunity Established
Indian Rights Association School Established
Meriam Report

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