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Forced Order
Colfax Massacre (White League)
Voting Rights Act Renewal
Niagara Movement Established
2nd Civil Rights Act
Military Reconstruction Act
SC - Gaines vs Canada
15th Amendment
14th Amendment
SC - Green vs Conally
South Carolina Freedmen's Convention
Universal Negro Improvement Association Established
New Orleans Killings (KKK)
4th Civil Rights Act
Oscar de Priest becomes first black congressman since 1900
SC - Plessy vs Ferguson
Mobile Walkout, Alabama
Truman uses an executive order to prohibit military segregation.
Congress makes MLK's birthday a holiday.
Closure of the Freedmens Bureau
Poor Peoples Campaign
Jesse Jackson Presidential Nomination Run
SC - Baake vs Regents University
SC - Moore vs Dempsey
SC - Browder vs Gayle
National Negro Business League
Freedom Rides
SC - Slaughterhouse Case
SC - Grove City vs Bell
SC - Buchanan vs Warley
Murder of Emmett Till
3rd Civil Rights Act
Springfield Race Riots
1st Civil Rights Act
Renewal of Fair Housing Act
Coushatta Massacre (White League)
SC - Smith vs Allright
SC - Mississippi vs Williams
Washington March
Beginning of the Long Hot Summers
Birmingham Protest
Rehnquist made Chief Justice.
SC - Brown vs Board of Education
SCLC Established
SC - Swann vs Charlotte Mecklenburg B of E
Bush vetoes Civil Rights Bill
Equal Opportunity Act
Detroit Race Riots
The Compromise involving Rutherford.
Atlanta Compromise
Chicago Race Riots
Freedmen's Bureau Established
Roosevelt uses an executive order to ban racial discrimination in federal employment.
SC - Boynton vs Virginia
National Negro Congress Established
Scotsboro Boys Case
Fair Housing Act
Memphis Riots (KKK)
Voting Rights Act
SC overturns arrests of 250 blacks at Elaine Riots Arkansas
SC - Milliken vs Bradley
Civil Rights Act
Truman issues Presidents Committee on Civil Rights
NAACP Established
SC - Guinn vs Supreme Court
Congress of Racial Equality Established
Nixon's Philadelphia Plan
Little Rock Crisis
KKK Reformation
SC rules enforcement acts unconstitutional.
Rodney King Riots
SC - Griggs vs Duke Power Company
Civil Rights Restoration Act
Nation Urban League Established
Assassination of Malcolm X
SNCC Established
Tuskegee Institute Established
Boll Weevil Plague

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