Andy Griffith Episodes: Season 1

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Can you name the Andy Griffith Episodes: Season 1?

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Aunt Bee's debut
Jim Lindsay
Miss Walker
Miss Rosemary
'Poor Horatio'
Wakefield v. Carter
'We want Ellie'
Ben Weaver's debut
Ed Sawyer
Mayberry's Motion Picture
Miss Irma Bishop
Morrison Sisters
The Boones
Folk song album
Sheriff Barney
'On my word as a gentleman'
Thelma Lou's debut
Aunt Bee's absence
Dr. Robert 'Bob' Benson
Otis honored
Mr. Ralph Case
Frankie 'Francis' Flint
Lester Scoby
Sam Becker
'I'll get you for this, deputy'
Hint #3....again
The Johnson Mine

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