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this newly relocated franchise was renamed by the fans
Recieved name because of a world famous theme park located in the same region
refers to the large Irish population in the city in which the team is located
Team takes its name from the Colorado gold rush
Named for the warm climate of the area in which this team resides
this genric nickname originated in philadelphia before the team moved to california
team originally located in Charlotte is based off of the colonists fierce resitance of the British there.
the name denotes strength and power the city in which the franchise is located is was also the meat capital of the world at one point
Generic name voted on by fans after the original franchise left which is a distant cousin of the NFL team in the same state.
another generic fan chosen nickname that also reflects the popularity of hunting in the area to which this beast is actually indigenous
Choosen by fans as one of 4 new expansion teams in 1989 as this state has the highest population of this canine predator
this name was chosen because of the intense heat in this state
name of a 19th century sailing ship which was used for long journeys. team switched to this name afer its cross-country move
Name of Midwestern indian chief which is shared with an NHL team but shortened after the franchise moved
this generic basketball team was chosen to rhyme with the the MLB and NFL teams of the same regions
Named in honor of the men who signed the declaration of independence in the city of brotherly love
this term is a sharp object worn on boots to control horses
commonly mistaken for a horse this term is actually given to a wrangler of longhorns
the name might not make sense now but the franchise was originally from Minnesotta the land of 1,000 lakes
Originally based in Fort Wayne the owner also owned a car manufacturing company. Even after their move the name still makes sense.
Named to set the 'pace' in the ABA
this team was originally the royals but changed to a similait name when they moved to kansas city they moved again and now share a nickname with an NHL franchise in the same state
originally from british columbia where this beast calls home
Name was heavily influenced by the popularity of the film Jurassic park
Name originally did not make sense but when the franchise moved from san diego its new location was perfect for the nickname
this franchise is one of only two original NBA franchises to remain in the same city also a shortened term for trousers
A 'mystical' nickname chosen after the team was pressured to change its nickname from the Bullets
the oregon trail ended here leading to this nickname
the name stuck after this team moved from New Orleans
yet another winner of a name that team contest a term for a supporter the royalists during the English civil war

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