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Main Character of the Series, has a Heart of Gold
Killed Cell with the Coolest Kamehameha Wave EVER
When he lost his arm, he was able to grow it back
Master of Capsules
Bald guy who kinda looks like a 6 star Dragon Ball
Sucks androids up through his tail
Pink blob who killed everyone on earth
I guess when you mix black and blue you get purple colored hair?
Obsessed with becoming stronger than Goku
Survived a Spirit Bomb, but couldn't survive Trunk's onslaught?
Apparently she finds Krillin attractive
Goal in life is to make Gohan study
His Wolf Fang Fist was a lot more intimidating back in the DragonBall series
Not quite 4 eyes
A cool, jacked, steroid, human growth hormone, and saiyan version of Krillin
First villain in the series
Supposed to be the only person who can beat cell
little dolllike character
Pervert and teacher of the Kamehameha Wave
An overweight coward
Lives on a planet all to himself
Current guardian of the lookout
Previous guardian of the lookout
Purple man who is currently inside the body of a frog
Appears when all 7 dragon balls are collected
Pig who can shapeshift
Cat who can shapeshift
Youngest Supersaiyan

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