Old People Who Kick Butt!!

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Can you name the Old People Who Kick Butt!!?

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These characters tv, and
Wise martial arts master and the first character to wield the trademark Kamehameha
All Spirit Detectives and demons beware! she may be 70 plus years but her sprit gun still packs a punch.
Kind hearted old man who took care of Goku when he was a baby
Appears as if she's a beautiful young woman. Supper-human strength, big breast, and a firey temper what not to love? Oh Yea she's 50
Author of Come Come Paradise, and attacks with frog techniques
Desired to know all of the world's justsu, fights with snake techniques and is one of the Legendary Sannin
Born in the late 1920's. Father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

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