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what was Hanna's old nickname?
Who gets hung in the bell tower?
what college does Emily want to get into for swim?
Who finds Ian dead?
Instead of giving Spencer Melissa's ring, what does the man at the counter give her?
What is Caleb's foster mom's name?
what was the first line in Ian's suicide not?
when Melissa yells at spencer for 'pretending to be Ian' what does Melissa yell?
who also knows about Ezra and Aria other than A and Aria's friends?
Who's office get's destroyed?
who is the one breaking into people's houses?
What does the note say that Jason got the night ali was murdered?
who use to think that they killed ali?
what was the suicide note made of?
who's taking pottery class at Hollis?
What name does aria disguise herself as so Jenna won't know that it's her?
Who does Hanna kiss after Ian's funeral?
what was the guy's name that Emily tracked down at the delivery store?
when the girls go to the graveyard and they see the ali video, what does spencer say?

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