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Fill in the BlanksAnswer
Volunteers of America by ________ Airplane
Native Son by Bryan ________
Respect by Aretha ____________
__________ Post March by John Philip Sousa
I'm Not Your Stepping Stone by _____ _______ and the Raiders
More Than a Feeling by ________
___________ Freedom by Elton John
______ _______ State of Mind by Billy Joel
___________ on my Mind by Ray Charles
__________ Girl by Tom Waits
I Live in _______________ by Aerosmith
Bad to the Bone by George Thoroughgood and the ___________ Destroyers
Fill in the BlanksAnswer
Moonlight in __________ by Jo Stafford
'B.B. King just turns on the ____ ________' boys' by Sonic Youth
Road to _____ _______ sung by Peter and Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)
'In my mind I'm going to _________...' by James Taylor
Black Rock by O.A.R. is about Montgomery County _________
Our __________ by John Mellencamp
'I will fight for the right to live in _________...' by Paul McCartney
'I've gone to look for _________ ...' by Simon and Garfunkel
'You say you want a _________...' by the Beatles
Born in the _____ by Bruce Springsteen
(We're an) ___________ Band by Grand Funk Railroad
Happy _________

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