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The Jellies sandals that Jeff Bridges wears in the movie were his own.
The first draft of the screenplay had Hammond left behind on the island.
Fox first wanted to open the film on Memorial Day and change the name to 'Doomsday' to avoid the fierce competition on July 4th.
Steven Spielberg played first clarinet for the beach scene.
Ice Cube turned down the role of Bubba.
Mules were used as the main basis for the sound that the Tuskan Raiders make.
Quentin Tarantino wrote 'The Wolf' character specifically for Harvey Keitel
The current exchange rate for 20,000,000 Rupees is USD$411,600.
First Batman film with no live-action or CGI bats.
Michael J. Fox had to learn to skateboard for the film.
The apes don't make their first appearance until 30 minutes into the film.
There are 88 dialogue-free minutes in the movie.
Body count: 18 (including the horse).
The claim that the film was based on a true story led some people to search Minnesota for the briefcase of money.
At nearly four hours long, it is longest running of all movies to win the Best Picture Academy Award.
Boo's fish mobile from Monsters, Inc. is hanging in the dentist's office.
This was Alfred Hitchcock's last feature film in black and white.
There are 23 people in the street fight.
For the fairy eating scene, Doug Jones had to bite condoms filled with fake blood.
Alfred Molina's screen debut. His first scene on his first day of filming involved being covered with tarantulas.

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