Newcastle United Anagrams (Past & Pres)

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Can you name the Newcastle United Anagrams (Past & Pres)?

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Rob Reed Google40s/50s
Thy Bitter Rib70s/80s
Gender Loner80s
Knave Splicer90s/00s
Treble Ore90s/00s
Grasp Eyed90s/00s
Mash At Nil00s/10s
An Art Browner90s/00s
Bay Camel Girl00s
Desperate Beryl80s/90s
Blank Juice Rim40s/50s
Maria Drive80s
Antenna Dross60s
A Dado Living90s
Arsenal Hare90s/00s
A Knee Veg Ink80s
Vocal Rich Hurl50s/60s
Emails Ha Boo00s/10s
Claws Did Her80s
Mob Rub By Con60s/70s
The Tier Pew70s/80s
A Novelty Rest00s/10s
Amateurs Bike It90s/00
Redo Rye Ink90s/00s
Banana Emulsion Jog00s
An Oven Kiln00s/10s
Boatmen Misfire00s
Tarpaulin Ass Foil90s
Local Calm Damn Mod70s
Wheel Tin50s/60s

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