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CharactersTV Show
Deborah Morgan, Rita Bennett, Angel Batista
Alex Dunphy, Lily Pritchett-Tucker, Manny Delgado
Angela Martin, Toby Flenderson, Stanley Hudson
Eric Northman, Lafayette Reynolds, Jessica Hamby
Evelyn Harper, Rose, Berta
Ari Gold, Lloyd, Shauna
Walter Skinner, Alex Krycek, Deep Throat
Pam Macy, Joanne Stupac, Leo
CharactersTV Show
Artie Abrams, Mercedes Jones, Santana Lopez
Dr. Nick Riviera, Ralph Wiggum, Kodos
Barry Kripke, Leslie Winkle, Kurt
Cleveland Brown, Diane Simmons, Bruce
Trixie Norton, Mrs. Manicotti, Mother Kramden
Estelle Leonard, Janice Litman, Gunther
Sean Connery, George W. Bush, James Lipton

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