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Can you name the movies based on the five clues given?

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Please use clues in order. It's not as challenging/fun if you don't. Enjoy!
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Clue 1A: Boulder
Clue 1B (type 1B to see clue): ?
Clue 1C: ?
Clue 1D: ?
Clue 1E: ?
Clue 2A: Fly
Clue 2B: ?
Clue 2C: ?
Clue 2D: ?
Clue 2E: ?
Clue 3A Silian Rail
Clue 3B: ?
Clue 3C: ?
Clue 3D: ?
Clue 3E: ?
Clue 4A: Straps
Clue 4B: ?
Clue 4C: ?
Clue 4D: ?
Clue 4E: ?
Clue 5A: $40,000
Clue 5B: ?
Clue 5C: ?
Clue 5D: ?
Clue 5E: ?
Clue 6A: Chopper
Clue 6B: ?
Clue 6C: ?
Clue 6D: ?
Clue 6E: ?
Clue 7A: The Case
Clue 7B: ?
Clue 7C: ?
Clue 7D: ?
Clue 7E: ?
Clue 8A: Woodchuck
Clue 8B: ?
Clue 8C: ?
Clue 8D: ?
Clue 8E: ?
Clue 9A: Lady Goodman
Clue 9B: ?
Clue 9C: ?
Clue 9D: ?
Clue 9E: ?
Clue 10A: Todd Hockney
Clue 10B: ?
Clue 10C: ?
Clue 10D: ?
Clue 10E: ?

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