Word Ladder: Your Significant Other/Swimming

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder that goes swimming with your Significant Other?

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***You and your Significant Other decide to go for a ____ at the local pool
Uh oh, your Significant Other asks you if the new swimsuit makes them look _____
You manage to ______ away without answering
You were afraid your Significant Other might ____ you if you told the truth....
... and you'd rather _____ a dragon than hurt their feelings
***All you want is to get to the pool and _____!
The _____ is to get there early and get the best place to sit beside the pool
But your Significant Other has decided to make a _____ for tonight's dessert
You _____ out say that's a bad idea, and you convince your Significant Other to leave early
You decide to take the ____ because the spaces are so small at the pool's parking lot
You pretend not to notice the other driver shaking his _____ at you
Your Significant Other thinks you drive too ____
You say that you don't want to be the _____ people to arrive
Your Significant Other starts a _____ of all your bad driving habits
You _____ your eyes to heaven but don't say a word
***You finally arrive, and the ____ guard blows his whistle at you for running to get to the diving board
You get in _____ to go down the giant slide instead
Your Significant Other thinks you're nuts, but you think it will be just ____
Oh, your belly feels like it's on ____
You think you're in _____ need of a drink
Instead, you _____ your Significant Other to go off the high dive
Your Significant Other was in the middle of a ____ game, but agrees to dive off the highest board.
You think your Significant Other is _____ for trying this...
***... But you get on your ____ so you can have a great view
Somebody on a lower board starts to _____ that you Significant Other is taking too long
After the great dive, your Significant Other wants to ____ a DVD for tonight
Perhaps NetFlix will have _____ some today
You tell your Significant Other you will ____ out for some pizza.
***You wonder where all the _____ came from since you went to a swimming pool.
You put on your favorite _____: The Barenaked Ladies
Your Significant Other wants to have a James _____ movie marathon tonight.
You're not particularly ____ of those movies, but it's okay because your Significant Other likes them
***Ahh, the _____ arrives, and you and your Significant Other enjoy a quiet evening, talking about your next vacation

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