Word Ladder: Swimming at the Olympics

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Can you name the rungs in this 4-letter word ladder about Olympics swimming events?

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Clue4-Letter Word
★ Olympic swimming events take place in a 50-meter ___ ★
A published rating of public opinion
Paid before crossing a bridge or entering a turnpike
Carrie Underwood song: 'I ___ You So'
★ The three medals awarded are ___, silver, and bronze. ★
Righteous or kind in spirit
Consumable energy
To show affection for something
Formed when two chemicals are attracted to one another
Cranium, clavicle, or mandible, e.g.
Isolated or autonomous
★ If a swimmer goes out of their ___, they are disqualified. ★
Long straight hair
Responsible for housing money and other assets
★ The second leg of a medley race is the ___ (short form). ★
Ancient torture device used to stretch an individual vertically
★ Individual competition held during a swim meet ★
Loosely measured rate of movement
1955 Warsaw ___ further organized the Soviet Union
A prior time
1971 Jeff Bridges movie: 'The ___ Picture Show'
Saint Paul: 'Take heed ___ you fall'
Greatest or most accomplished
A pause or to overcome an opponent
A major achievement
L.A.-based punk group or a feeling of dread
Forcefully rip apart
★ Michael Phelps will represent ___ USA in his fifth-consecutive Olympics Games ★

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