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Can you name the rungs in this 4-letter word ladder about Olympics swimming events?

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A clue about swimming at the OlympicsAnswer
★ Olympic swimming events take place in a 50-meter ____. ★
★ A recent ____ places swimming as one of the favorite Olympic sports. ★
★ Swimming doesn't seem to take much of a ____ on the body. ★
★ I've been ____ there are few injuries in swimming. ★
★ The three medals awarded are ____, silver, and bronze. ★
★ All Olympic swimmers are very, very ____! ★
★ The swimmers can eat a lot of ____ because of the calories they burn when they train. ★
★ I love all the Olympics, but I am especially ____ of swimming. ★
★ The swimmer and the coach probably have a special ____. ★
★ Because almost all training is in water, the stress to any particular ____ is less than in other sports. ★
★ Swimming is good for people with ____ personalities or spirits. ★
★ If a swimmer goes out of his ____, he is disqualified. ★
★ Swimming a long time without a cap can leave the hair ____. ★
★ Following the Olympics, winners can expect large ____ accounts from endorsements. ★
★ The first leg of the medley relay race is the ____ (short form). ★
(I can ____ my brain for another week and still not find a swimming clue to fit the answer...)
★ Every relay _____ is very exciting because the lead can change three times. ★
★ During long events, swimmers must remember to ____ themselves. ★
★ When they are young, swimmers might make a ____ with their coaches about goals. ★
★ On tv, ____ Olympic medalists are sometimes shown before a race, especially if they hold records. ★
★ Even the swimmers who finish ____ probably hold many records in their countries. ★
★ Be sure to read about the history of Olympic swimming ____ you forget the old greats. ★
★ Many swimmers will swim personal ____ times. ★
★ The swimmers also try to ____ the Olympic records. ★
★ Just qualifying for an Olympic event is quite a ____. ★
★ When they were young, did any of the swimmers have a ____ of water? ★
★ Some of the winners will have a ____ or two when they get their medals. ★
★ A winning relay ____ sometimes has four swimmers who cry when their national anthem plays. ★

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