Word Ladder: Track and Field

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Can you name the rungs in this 4-letter word ladder about track and field?

Updated Aug 7, 2012

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Clue4-Letter Word
★ The Fosbury Flop is the standard move for the ____ jump ★
Breathe audibly, especially in relief
''Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the ____''
★ Daegu, S. Korea is the _____ of the Track and Field 2011 World Championships ★
Male parent, especially of a horse
Flames, sometimes with smoke
Towards the front
Traditional knowledge
Solitary, by itself
★ In the ____ jump, the athlete lands in a sandpit at the end ★
Organ for breathing (singular form)
_____ beetles don't have to eat or drink anything else
Sandhill formed by the wind
Native of Denmark
Female equivalent of a knight
Slightly wet; moist
Overturn; empty out
★ The triple _____ used to be called the 'hop, skip, and ____' ★
Clue4-Letter Word
'30 Rock' Janis Joplin parody Jackie Jormp-____
'___ and Circumstance'
A fleshy fruit as an apple or pear
Large, heavy book
Approach, move closer
Nat King ____
★ Few men have ever cleared 6 meters in the ____ vault competition, and only one woman has ever cleared 5 meters ★
Edison Arantes do Nascimento is better known by his nickname:
Animal skin
Nonwoven fabric matted together by heat, moisture and heavy pressure
Norman _____ co-starred on ''Three's Company'' as the landlord
____ in the blank
Horizontal piece beneath a window
Finer than sand
Sprinkle through a sieve
Easily shaped, malleable
★ The men's ____ put weighs 16 pounds; the women's weighs 8.8 pounds ★

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