Word Ladder: How to Get to Sesame Street

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Can you name the 5-letter words in this word ladder featuring Sesame Street characters?

Updated Feb 16, 2012

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Clue5-letter Answer
★ Grover has a secret identity: _____Grover! ★
Person who easily deceives another
Drug addict (slang)
Roasted lamb in pita: ______ kebab
Person who avoids the company of others
Passenger ship that's part of a fleet
Actors' words in a play
Excavations for ore or precious stones
Very small pests
Catchers' gloves
James Thurber's short story:
''The Secret Life of Walter _____''
Tiny; often paired with itty
★ _____ Lou has yellow braids ★
Soap opera actor Jack _____
Hits very hard (slang)
1999 movie: ''Jingle _____''
Clue5-letter Answer
Stomach; gut
★ _____ Monster has a pet hamster
and loves triangles ★
1984 movie: ''Every Picture _____ a Story''
Prison rooms
Chooses; gleans
Ringlets of hair
★ _____ Bear is Baby Bear's little sister, but uh-oh, she can growl louder ★
American singer-songwriter: _____ Simon
Sagan and Lewis
1993 movie: ''House of _____''
Ribbed fabrics
Stoppers for wine bottles
Sets the hammer of a gun
Landing piers
1992 movie: ''The Mighty _____''
★ Ernie's favorite toy: Rubber _____ ★

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