Word Ladder: Uplifting-ish Proverb

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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete this word ladder that contains a proverb?

Updated Jul 28, 2014

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Clue4-Letter WordNo.
★ ____ you [rung 6] [rung 20], [rung 31] [rung 35] you ★ 1
Opposite of this2
Animal milk gland3
Sleeping shelter when camping4
Depression in a surface, especially after a fender bender5
★ [rung 1] you ____ [rung 20], [rung 31] [rung 35] you ★ 6
Finished; over7
Ulna, femur, e.g.8
Make a hole by drilling9
1966 movie: ''____Free''10
Capital of Switzerland11
Lima, navy, black, e.g.12
Rest against something13
Temporary use of something14
Large diving bird15
In the near future; shortly16
Fireplace residue17
Mucus from the nose (slang)18
Clue4-Letter WordNo.
1952 movie: ''Hangman's ____''19
★ [rung 1] you [rung 6] ____, [rung 31] [rung 35] you ★ 20
2002 movie: ''____ Dogs''21
Unhurried; lack of speed22
Spill or splash23
A woman's undergarment24
Slender; slight25
Shut a door hard26
Place where fabric is joined27
Part of the chair on which one sits28
Transmitted a signal such as a fax29
Coin of the United States worth 1/100th of a dollar30
★ [rung 1] you [rung 6] [rung 20], ____ [rung 35] you ★ 31
Gasp for air32
A kick in American football33
1990 movie: ''The ____ for Red October''34
★ [rung 1] you [rung 6] [rung 20], [rung 31] ____ you ★ 35

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