Word Ladder: Proverb II

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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete this word ladder that contains a proverb?

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★ Proverb: ____, [rung 4], [rung 12] is [rung 17] ★1
Cliché: pull a ____ one2
People engaged in common activity such as selling crafts3
★ Proverb: [rung 1], ____, [rung 12] is [rung 17] ★4
Left; departed5
Shelter often used when camping6
1962 movie: ''This Is Not a ____''7
Oft-quoted phrase: ''____we forget''8
1981 movie: ''Raiders of the ____ Ark''9
It's not whether you win or ____, it's how you play the game10
Capital of Togo11
★ Proverb: [rung 1], [rung 4], ____ is [rung 17] ★12
Flexible tube for moving a liquid, often used in the yard13
Assume a particular stance or attitude, perhaps to impress others14
Dumb as a ____15
Annoying person16
★ Proverb: [rung 1], [rung 4], [rung 12] is ____ ★17

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