Just For Fun / Word Ladder: Mystery Movie Actor VI

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Can you name the rungs in this 4-letter word ladder about a movie actor?

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Clue4-Letter Answer
★ ____ [Last rung] ★
French saint: ____ of Arc
Lend money with interest
Large wading bird
1989 movie: ''____ Who's Talking''
Castle piece in chess
★ ''Brighton ____'' (2011) ★
Frame for holding pool balls
Component of a track meet
Garden tool
★ ''____ Speed'' (1986) ★
Wisecrack; gag
★''I Dreamt I ____ Up'' ★
Formed by interlacing threads
★ ''New York, I ____ You'' (2009) ★
Bird of peace
1996 U.S. Presidential candidate Bob ____
Toy representing a baby
Herb of the parsley family
Clue4-Letter Answer
★ ''Wild ____'' (1995) ★
1958 movie: ''____, Book, and Candle''
Slug with your fist
★ ''Second ____'' (1994) ★
Annoying person
1999 movie: ''Blast from the ____''
★ ''____ of Elephant Rock'' (1977) ★
Freedom from constraint, stiffness, formality
2008's ''The Curious ____ of Benjamin Button''
Group of actors in a play
★ ''Krapp's ____ Tape'' (2000 TV) ★
★ ''____ Souls'' (2000) ★
Greatest quantity or number; majority
1981 movie: ''The Gods ____ Be Crazy''
Go bankrupt; burst
In baseball, a light hit
1990 movie: ''The ____ for Red October''
★ [First rung] ____ ★

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