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Can you name the anagrams to complete the sayings with a touch of dog?

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from: The Everything Puzzles for Dog Lovers Book, by Charles Timmerman, 2008
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Every dog has SHY AID. (2)
Let LEGEND GOSSIP lie. (2)
All dogs go NOT HEAVE. (2)
To err is human; to forgive, INACNE. (1)
No outfit is complete without ARID HOG. (2)
Every dog is allowed EBONITE. (2)
Love me, DO MY GLOVE. (3)
Home is where DOUR YOGIS. (3)
Never trust a dog to CHOW FOUR TODAY. (3)
A house is not a home WHO GOT AUDIT. (3)
Try to be as CANINE ROPES as your dog thinks you are. (3)
The more PIE PEEL TO ME, the more I like my dog. (3)
There's only one STAGED STORM in the world, and every boy has it. (2)
My dog's TOLD PONIES; I'm just well trained. (2)
If your dog doesn't SEE MIKE LOON, you probably shouldn't either. (2)

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