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No year that is divisible by 100 can
be a leap year unless it can also
be divided by what?
A. 400 B. 500
True or False: 1900 was a Leap Year.
What does tradition say a woman in love can
do on February 29th that a man in love
normally does? (one word)
Approximately how many living people
have a February 29th birthday?
A. 400,000 B. 4 million C. 40 million
In what year was the first calendar
with a Leap Year made?
A. 238 b.c. B. 455 a.d. C. 1353 a.d.
Born February 29, 1916, D.S. was the first
woman to host her own variety show:
The odds of having a Leap Day
birthday are 1 in how many?
A. 366 B. 5,844 C. 1,461
Tradition calls for the giving of what
three-word flower to anyone
beginning a journey on Leap Day?
Some sources say this 'Man of Steel'
was born on February 29th:
In what Gilbert and Sullivan opera is pirate Frederic a bound servant until his 21st birthday: which turns out to be 84 years because of his February 29th birthday?
What is a person born on February 29th called?
What event normally happens every
Leap Year, usually during July with
over 200 countries participating?

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