Word Ladder: Herb and Spice

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder featuring herbs and spices?

Updated Aug 29, 2012

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★ Any flowery plant valued for its medicinal, flavoring, or scent property ★
Group of animals
Kept in hand
Place of punishment for the wicked
Elevation in the earth that's smaller than a mountain
★ Plant of parsley family with divided leaves ★
Toy that looks like a human being
To deal out money or supplies
Spy within ranks of enemy government
5,280 feet
Belonging to me
★ Aromatic herb used in juleps and mojitos ★
1/2 of a quart
Coniferous tree with needle-shaped leaves which yield timber, turpentine, tar, pitch
Plate of window glass
Lion's hair
★ Spice made from nutmeg's coating ★
Contest of speed, especially in running
Violent anger; fury
★ The wisest plant in the mint family ★
Sinks downward from weight or pressure
Ugly old women, especially vicious or malicious ones
Domesticated swines
★ Dried cones of this are used for brewing ★

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