Harry Potter Characters on Vacation II

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Can you name the one country that is anagrammed in each Harry Potter Character?

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Harry Potter characters are taking vacations! They are going to the one country whose letters are scrambled in their names. For example: Elphias Doge will go to Laos. Note: It's possible 2 characters can go to the same country.
Bathilda BagshotAsia 4
Reg CattermoleEurope 6
Mary CattermoleEurope 5
Barty CrouchN. America 4
GregorovitchAfrica 4
Rubeus HagridEurope 6
Mafalda HopkirkAfrica 4
Hestia JonesEurope 7
Angelina JohnsonAsia 4
Parvati PatilEurope 6
Adrian PuceyAsia 4
Augusta RookwoodAfrica 4
Pomona SproutAsia 4
Severus SnapeS. America 4

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