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Can you name the 4-letter words that complete this word ladder about a classic movie?

Updated Mar 30, 2014

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Clue4-Letter AnswerNo.
★ 1956 movie: ''THE ____ [rung 8] [rung 14] IT'' ★
Young lady
Breathing organ of a fish2
2003 movie: ''Kill ____: Vol. 1''3
1943 movie: ''For Whom the ____ Tolls''4
It holds up trousers5
Curved; crooked6
Smallest American coin (denomination)7
★ 1956 movie: ''THE [rung 1] ____ [rung 14] IT'' ★
Is unable to
Wish for or desire something9
1944 movie: ''Since You ____ Away''10
Raised mark left after a beating11
In good health12
Place where the devil is believed to live13
★ 1956 movie: ''THE [rung 1] [rung 8] ____ IT'' ★
Aid or assist

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