Word Ladder: 3 Movies

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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete these 3 movie title word ladders?

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1st Movie Title
Dash somewhere; hurry 
Trick; ploy 
1986 movie: ''The Name of the ____'' 
Rake; philanderer 
One-sided win 
Thrust out bottom lip to show displeasure 
Rain hard 
1999 movie: ''[rung 1] ____'' 
2nd Movie Title
Fact; actual 
1945 movie: ''A ____ Grows in Brooklyn'' 
Three in Spanish 
Binds; fastens 
1994 movie: ''[rung 1] ____'' 
3rd Movie Title
Quick; swift 
After all others 
'45 movie: ''The ____ Weekend'' 
1995 movie: ''Nothing To ____'' 
1970 movie: ''____ Story'' 
Happening now, especially on television 
1932 movie: ''[rung 1] ____'' 

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