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How about you sideburns? You want some of this_____?
Veronica Vaughn! So hot! Want to touch the ______ AROO!!
Stop looking at me _____
Shampoo is better! ______________
NO! Conditioner is better! ________________
Mom, this is Billy, I heard he's ________-__-_________
Hey Mr. Guess what I had for breakfast? ______
Now your all in big ___ _______
Have some more sloppy joes. I made them extra ______ for you
Call the fire department! This one is ___ __ _______
Don't tell me my business ____ _____
Is that it dad? Did the _______ tell you to do this?
No I will not _______ with you!
If your going to stay home, then you can help me _____ __ _______
If peeing you pants is cool, consider me _____ _____
You know I like _____ ____! Why can't you just give me a _____ ____?
Bunt. _-_-_-_, in perfect cursive. Got anymore brainbusters?
Donkey Kong sucks! You know something? ___ ____
No ____ will ever be our ____

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