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Your gonna die _____!
Yeah. And _______ _____ had a beard. _______ _____ did have a beard.
You hit that guy! He shouldn't have been ________ _____.
Oh. Well now your backs gonna hurt, cause you just pulled ___________ ____
Mista, Mista! Get this ___ __ __
You like that old man? You want a piece of me?NO, I dont want a piece of you. _ ____ ___ _____
Remember the alligator that got your hand? Well, _ ___ ___ ____
You want to know what the pathetic thing is? you have been doing this ____ _____ ____
Step right up, Folks. See if you can out drive the amazing Golf Ball uh, _______ ___
Mista, Mista! Get me ___ __ ____!

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