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Red and black 'A' above team script with fangs in black
Baseball going past purple (Team Name)s, black arch, and team script
(Team Name) scripted in blue and gold with blue ring
'KC' on a blue shield with gold crown over blue script
A (Team Mascot*) perched on the dot of an 'i' in (Team Name), orange and black script.
A pair of (Team Mascot*)s hanging
(Team Name) in red with navy outline above a red tomahawk
Red 'T' on a baseball in red and blue ring with team name
A (Team Mascot*) perched on a yellow bat over (Team Name) script in red
(Team Name) script in front of orange stiched baseball
A red and blue 'A' with a silver halo
(Team Name) calligraphed in black on a slant with white and silver outlines
A red curly (letter) with a blue outline inside a blue circle with red outlines, two red stars, and (Team Name) in white
(Team Name) script with shooting baseball
(Team Name) in red with underscore highlighting 'win' on a baseball inside a navy circle reading '(Team Location) Baseball Club'
Brick and tan star above (Team Name) script in black
A (Team Mascot*) in front of crossed bats below script
Uncle Sam Hat on bat with (Team Name) script
(Team Name) and 'C' in white with black shadow in thick red outline
A navy Olde English style 'D'
(Team Name) in white and sand above waves on a navy home plate
(Team Name) going through silver circle with team name and baseball
Smiling Chief Wahoo in red with single feather
Large red 'C' in (Team Name) inside a thick blue cicle
(Team Name) above a bridge in front of (Team Location) Skyline
(Team Name) in green inside thick green circle with (Team Name)
(Team Name) in red written across liberty bell on blue diamond
A (Team Mascot*) head inside (Team Name) in white with silver and graphite bevelling and black and blue outlines.
Known as the 'Nautical Compass Rose' logo, its color scheme of navy blue, metallic silver and Northwest green represents the sea, technology, and the great outdoors -- all of which
(Team Name) in blue with light blue drop shadow in blue and white diamond

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